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Steven Seagal gets Oscar

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"When I am out for justice I may come under seige, but my enemies must remember - I am hard to kill."

"When I am out for justice I may come under siege, but my enemies must remember - even with exit wounds, I am hard to kill."

International mega action star Steven Seagal was awarded an Oscar at the 81st Academy Awards ceremony.
Seagal won the Oscar for “Performance by an actor with an expanding waistline” for his role in his latest blockbuster action movie “Snowball in hell”. “I’m happy to finally get some recognition for my hard work over the years. Everybody knows that I produce high quality straight-to-dvd action movies and that I’ve got extraordinary acting and martial arts skills, ” said a pleased but subdued Seagal. When asked if he was surprised to win, Seagal said “No, not really. I’m a winner.”

“Snowball in hell”, also starring big name actors such as Bruce Willis, Ron Jeremy and Jean-Claude Van Damme, grossed $780 million in the first six minutes and is expected to earn up to three billion dollars.

For his next project, Seagal says he’s been approached by Sylvester Stallone to play the roles of Rocky and Rambo simultaneously. “What can I say, he knows how to open up a can of whoop-ass, ” said Stallone. The film, named “Romby”, features the character John Romby, a boxer who fights the Viet Cong in a boxing ring during the Vietnam war. Seagal says it will be difficult shooting a gun while wearing boxing gloves but is confident he can pull it off. “This role will be physically very demanding but as I am in perfect shape I don’t see any obstacles, ” he says.  He’s also  eager to do “Under siege 3: down the volcano and up again” and has asked Tommy Lee Jones to reprise his role. Said Jones,  “Ain’t a snowball’s chance in hell I’m getting involved with that guy again, his movies are shit.”

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